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ARTEINMOVIMENTO  - Art in Movement -

is contemporary dance company created in 2023 by Artistic Director, Eve Stanley, and made possible through Italia Performing Arts Institute-  A non-profit, with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, set up in 2018 to support the performing arts, primarily dance, in the northern Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia.

Please check out for more information on the nonprofit.

Italia Performing Arts is a Cecchetti ballet studio that radiates Italian elegance through the owner Lorenza Manara Marchi. A former dance teacher of Eve told her she was going to find a European mentor and was meant to embrace European contemporary dance styles. Little did Eve know that she would find this mentor so soon and without realizing it. With such a clear path and collaboration with Italia Performing Arts’ existing non-profit, we decided to continue our professional program with that same Italian elegance, thus Arte In Movimento. To give thanks to Lorenza and her studio, we implemented Italian accents in our company logo, making Italia Performing Arts Institute feel more like home. 


To construct a base for independent artistic growth of dancers and choreographers, supplying a space for early career artists to launch their art to an elevated level through training, mentorship and collaborative performances.  


ARTEINMOVIMENTO Dance Company is built with talented artists who strive to bring contemporary dance to the forefront in the Shenandoah Valley. With collaboration and creativity, dance will be a major highlight of Northern Virginia. 


Excellence— The standard of everything we present. 


Inspiration & Curiosity— Through the beauty and power of movement, we value exploration and discovery.

Community—Involving our community through shared visions and experiences.

Collaboration—Pursuing ideas of all company members and guest artists, building a personable, equal environment

Communication— Communication is key. We value prioritizing open conversation  and transparency.

Concinnity- Valuing our commitment to the company, while ensuring harmony with our outside lives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

At ARTEINMOVIMENTO Dance Company, we prioritize building a supportive and inclusive workplace culture and are committed to the active and ongoing learning and change that reflects all voices and perspectives.

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